Possible Mil Mascaras Impostor

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Possible Mil Mascaras Impostor

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an excellent source of information about films. Unfortunately, it suffers many of the same vulnerabilities as Wikipedia insofar as it seems to permit almost anyone to create an IMDb entry for a film and define credits for the film which may not be correct.

In the case of "Mil Mascaras", someone has repeatedly placed information on the internet that associates false personal details (possibly of an impostor) into Mil's biography. Specifically, the false information includes claims that Mil's past spouses include "Mara Davis", "Ariel Roderick", "Deleores Pedro", and "Linda Bello".

Mil Mascaras has been married twice. His first wife passed away from cancer in the early 1970s and years later he re-married and continues to be married to his second wife.

This false information is potentially dangerous if someone is using the identity of Mil Mascaras, or a false connection to him, to fraudulently profit off the famous name.