Gallery of Luchadores

Blue Demon Jr, Dos Caras, Huracan Ramirez Jr, Argozan, Trench Fighter, Neutron, El Cardo

Below are some luchadores with appeal that extends beyond Mexico because they appeared in or have connections to feature films that have screened internationally.

Mil Mascaras

Mil Mascaras

Considered among the greatest and most influential wrestlers of all time. Mil Mascaras is also a respected artist and the star of over 20 films during his 50-year career. In addition to wrestling and films, his character has appeared in hundreds of Spanish-language comic books. Member of the US Wrestling Hall of Fame and the WWE Hall of Fame. Co-starred with El Santo and Blue Demon in iconic films such as Mystery in Bermuda and Mummies of Guanajuato, the latter of which became the world-wide highest grossing Mexican film of the 1970s.

Hijo del Santo

Hijo del Santo His late father is the most beloved and respected figure in the history of Lucha Libre, but Hijo del Santo has established his own credentials as one of the most skilled, acrobatic wrestlers of all time. Has starred or co-starred in over a dozen films. His tag-team fight with Mil Mascaras in the film Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy is considered by many to be the equal of or superior to his father's best film bouts.

La Torcha

La Torcha Intelligent, attractive, and one of the most skilled and athletic fighters - male or female - of all time. Her character has appeared in multiple films, though in some cases portrayed by actresses. She and Mil Mascaras were at one time considered to be lucha's greatest power couple. After serving as professor for 17 years, La Torcha became the first president of the Wrestling Women Academy after the retirement of the Headmistress.

Blue Demon Jr

Blue Demon Jr After inheriting the iconic mask of Blue Demon, Blue Demon Jr became a top wrestler in his own right. Has appeared in several films and also in animated form in popular television cartoon series such as Mucha Lucha.

Dos Caras

Dos Caras Like his brother, Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras is considered to be not only one of the most talented wrestlers of all time but also one of the sports most strategic competitors.


Luctor Charismatic and popular as an anti-hero, Luctor has held only one championship belt (after a disputed defeat of Mil Mascaras). Was defeated due to a controversial disqualification during a championship match with the Magister. Luctor was later banned from competition by most sanctioning bodies due to his purported involvement in criminal activities.

Huracan Ramirez Jr

Huracan Ramirez Jr His original namesake was one of the first luchadores to be featured in films, starting in the late 1950s and continuing through the 1960s. Huracan Ramirez Jr has had fewer film roles but has had greater success in the ring.


Neutron A highly skilled wrestler whose namesake was featured in a highly popular series of films in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The current Neutron has brought further glory to the mask both in the ring and in a handful of films.


Argozan One of the most exciting and charismatic luchadores, Argozan has been featured in films with many of the most famous luchadores of all time.

El Medico Angel

El Medico Angel El Medico Angel is a respected wrestler and artist who acknowledges the influence of Mil Mascaras. Is regarded by many as a throwback to the Golden Age of lucha libre. El Medico Angel appeared in two recent films with Mil Mascaras.

The Headmistress

Headmistress An individual champion who returned from retirement to become a tag-team champion with La Torcha. Was the first Headmistress of the Mil Mascaras Wrestling Women Academy.

The Magister

Magister Sometimes referred to as the Scholar Luchador, the Magister is considered to be a foremost authority on the theory and practice of wrestling and the martial arts. Has appeared both as himself and has also been portrayed by actors in various films.


Dramatico Known for theatrical performances in the ring, Dramatico has found success individually and as tag-team partner with Logico.


Logico Former student of the Magister, Logico later rebuked his teacher's "ego-centric" philosophy of wrestling and joined with Dramatico to produce one of the most memorable tag-team pairings.


Medea A champion grappler with highly unorthodox technique, Medea was one of the top female wrestlers in the world despite persistent rumours of foul play. As a result, her character is often depicted negatively in fictional works, e.g., as in the film Academy of Doom in which it is suggested that she uses toxic substances to disable her opponents.


Dianoche His iconic yellow/black day/night mask has remained consistent even though his body has changed dramatically over the years from lightweight to super heavyweight.


Luchanaut One of the most enigmatic of luchadores, Luchanaut is both a wrestler and the CEO of a major security agency. Was a tag-team partner of Mil Mascaras and later with Dianoche.

Synaptico & Neutrino

Synaptico A respected wrestler who has been a significant innovator despite having never won a major belt. Gained attention for disarming a gunman who attempted to shoot Mil Mascaras. Occasionally tag-team partners with a mini-luchador, Neutrino, who wears the same mask.

Trench Fighter

Trench Fighter A peer of such greats as Mil Mascaras, Blue Demon Jr, Dos Caras, Neutron, and Huracan Ramirez Jr but has only competed sporadically over a 3-decade career. Was defeated in a notable match against the Magister that lasted over three hours.

El Cardo

El Cardo A masked luchador from Scotland whose grappling style influenced by famed Scottish wrestler, Black Angus (Frank Hoy). El Cardo has appeared in two lucha films. Was shockingly defeated in an opening-round match at Lucharama-2018 by newcomer Verdanto.

Maura Incognito

Maura Incognito A former junior champion and graduate of the Wrestling Women Academy, Maura later became a tag-team partner of La Torcha. A fictionalized version of her pre-mask character was depicted in the film Academy of Doom.


Blovio An American luchador from Los Angeles, Blovio is best known as a heel who was unmasked by Argozan in a mask vs. mask bout. Received a one-year ban for comments made after losing an exhibition match to Logico at Lucharama 2004.


Raveniqua African luchadora who is believed to be the new masked persona of Black Mamba, who was unmasked in a mask vs. mask match against Medea. Later became chair of the physics department at the Mil Mascaras Wrestling Women Academy.

Hanuman Ultra

Hanuman Ultra A luchador from Thailand who is best known for his unusual mask and unorthodox fighting style. Has never won a major belt in North America but has been referenced as an influence by wrestlers such as Argozan and Dramatico.


Yellowtail Asian Luchadora who is notable for being the first honors graduate from the Wrestling Women Academy. Was defeated by Raveniqua before joining her as a tag-team partner for a world tour in 2003.


Testostero Is rumored to be the masked alter-ego of Dianoche Jr, but others have suggested that he is the new masked persona of Blovio.


Nychozan Became widely known after winning the Guanajuato Invitational and then placing 3rd in the Lucharama Melee competition less than six weeks later. Later he became even better known for losing separate mixed-gender matches against Raveniqua and Medea. Took a one-year sabattical to study under Raveniqua before marking his return to professional wrestling with a decisive victory over Testostero.

Kwandro & Kwandra

Kwandro Kwandro is a tradition that derives from the ancient African culture of Kwandrolan in which men of good mind and body could assume the mask and spirit of Kwandro. Because many different men assume the identity and mask of Kwandro, none were permitted to compete as the singular Kwandro in sanctioned lucha libre events prior to 1999. Despite this, Kwandro was invited by his friend Mil Mascaras to compete in an exhibition match at Lucharama-1998. The match was advertised as "The Man of a Thousand Masks versus One Mask of a Thousand Men". Afterward Mil Mascaras advocated for the eligibility of any man of established dedication to compete under the mask of Kwandro in sanctioned events.

In 2003 Kwandro published a research article discussing artifacts uncovered at an excavation in Salinia which concluded that the Kwandrolan and Olmec civilizations descended from an older civilization that spanned what are now the separate continents of Africa and the Americas. More controversially, the article suggested the possibility that Mil Mascaras and Kwandro may share historical connections.

In 2007 Kwandro introduced his sister, Kwandra, who wears a similar mask. In addition to promoting unity among people through the pursuit of knowledge, Kwandra has specifically emphasized the importance of enhancing educational opportunities for women around the world. Kwandra and La Torcha competed in the featured event at Lucharama-2009. After the event La Torcha announced that any woman of established dedication to the tradition would be eligible to compete under the mask of Kwandra in any event sanctioned by the Wrestling Women Academy.


Transparo In 2011 Transparo was registered with the Lucha Libre Sanctioning Body of North America as "an invisible luchador of outstanding skill." As required for registration, videos of three of Transparo's matches were provided. Each video showed a luchador in the ring seeming to wrestle an unseen opponent who was billed as Transparo. Despite objections from many prominent luchadores who considered Transparo to be "a cheap gimmick", the registration application was deemed to be consistent with all governing rules and regulations. It was later discovered that Luctor was behind the registration.

In 2012 the Magister announced that he had reached an agreement with Luctor to wrestle Transparo in a match that would be televised around the world. Possibly driven in part by curiosity, the event attracted a huge international audience. Although the Magister's victory surprised nobody, critics hailed his singular performance as one of the greatest demonstrations of skill and athleticism ever seen in the ring. The event earned over one billion US dollars (divided evenly between the Magister and Luctor) and is to date the most profitable lucha libre event in history. Following this event many top luchadores -- including many who criticized Transparo's registration -- requested matches with Transparo to showcase their abilities. As of 2015 Transparo has already become one of the highest-earning "wrestlers" of all time.

Facgi (The Faceless Giant)

Facgi One of the sport's ultimate big men, Facgi is known for hurling himself from the corner post to deliver devastating blows. Although he has never won an individual championship belt, Facgi shares two tag-team championships and a Lucharama victory over Dianoche.

Dark Executioner ("D-X")

DX Dark Executioner, commonly referred to as DX (pronounced dee-ex), has a high winning percentage in sanctioned events but his career has been limited as other luchadores are unwilling to fight him due to his reputation for intentionally inflicting injury. The fact is that there is no evidence to support this belief and it is likely to have originated from his frightening persona in the ring.

El Nano

Nano Is considered the most influential mini in the history of lucha libre and is ranked closely with Neutrino as the greatest mini fighter of all time. When they finally met in the ring in 2008 El Nano came away with the victory in a match that the Magister described as the best of the decade. El Nano's mask from that event is on display at the Museum de Lucha Libre on the campus of the Wrestling Women Academy.


Verdanto In one of the most shocking events in the history of Lucharama, a newcomer luchador from Colombia, named Verdanto, made it all the way to the semifinals at Lucharama-2018 before having to withdraw due to injury. No newcomer since Argozan at Lucharama-98 had even reached the quarter-final round. Unlike Argozan, Verdanto had no official record outside of his native country and thus has never faced a ranked opponent. El Medico Angel stated during his ringside commentary that Verdanto displayed technical skills and strategic maturity inconsistent with his purported level of experience. The mystery surrounding Verdanto only deepened when investigations revealed that his expenses were paid for by Luctor Management, LLC.


Eigneno Journeyman luchador who has accumulated more losses in sanctioned events than any other wrestler in the modern era. Despite this ignominious accomplishment, Eigeno is widely respected for his skills and dedication to the sport.

Has a tag-team championship belt (with Argozan) and a Lucharama victory against El Cardo.